Saturday, 8 April 2017

Three question for the Tesol II students

Hello dear classmates:

There are three questions for you to answer:

1) To teach Simple Present at first or Past Simple?

I have always wonder what tense to begin the lesson with... Since the students want to talk about their OWN experiences and about what they have been doing at the weekend, shouldn't be easier to teach Simple Past at first than Simple Present? 

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2) What do you think about this: Is it important to develop the lesson ENTIRELY in English?

Total immersion means "the students and the class in going to run as if it is in an English-speaking country". So, everything, everything ought to be in English.Is is important in the English language acquisition process? Or not?

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3) What do you think about the methodology where the teacher should step aside and let the lesson run by itself?

The "Silent-way Method" means the teacher "kind of disappears" in the lesson. He/she helps but the main responsibility is in on the hands of the students. They need to learn and perform this learning. 

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  1. Teaching English is a difficult task for all of us however I think that nowadays students are more aware of the importance of learn a second language and we should not dissapear but accept the sudents suggestions about their own process of learning. Those were really good questions¡¡¡

  2. In my opinion, the answer depends on different aspects such as your students level proficiency and their interest, too. Also, it depends on the topic the professor needs to teach. However, most of the time simple present tense is first, then, the simple past and the simple future. There is a lot of material to teach and learn those tenses.