Fourth Lesson: Haiku and Syllable counting. (March 2nd & 3rd)

What is going in this Dragon's head?
I bet you can write about it in the comments section. 

Hello over there!!

Have you ever heard about Haiku?



Yes, in deed, it sounds Japanese!

Come on! Watch this video and you'll find out what Haiku is, and we are sure you are going to love them as much as we do:

How to write Haikú for Children

Before mastering in Haikú, it is necessary to check how is our Syllable counting; Are you any good at counting syllables? 
Let's go in here and check: 

How to Count Syllables for kids

Not sure about "Syllables Division" yet? 
Let's try a monkey training:

More syllable division many chapters

And here, more examples of funny and nice Haikú:

 Haiku Poems Examples

Okay! That was fun, wasn't it? Japanese culture is full of those secret relations between Mankind and Nature... so fascinating.

But now, let's go to something more easy going and lay back. Read the next song and look for the words you do not know yet... pen them down on your notebook and look in this dictionary the correct meaning.

Have you finished with the new vocabulary?
So, listen to this song:

Lemon Tree the song

Nice song, really... Now let's check the spelling or any other mistake you may have in the previous exercise: 

Yellow Lemon Tree (with Lyrics)

This song put us in the mood for a party. 
Do you like parties? 
Of course we do, don't we?

Party and surprises are somethings our friends at 53 Blackwood Road are up to: 

Headway Surprise!! Surprise!!

It was fun!

Okay, bye for now... 

And do not forget to tell us about the lesson the comments.

Bye, bye!!