Eighth Lesson: Education, a good reading. Describe the pictures, Singing with Ed. (March 30th & 31st)

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Hello over there!!

Education is fundamental for all of us. 

A society cannot survive with no education, it is so necessary for everything... Don't you think so? 

Read this text about it and then, answer the questions below...

Later we will discuss it in the classroom all together:

Or, you can read the passage online and then answer the questions:

Reading: Education  

Please, do not forget to inform us about your score at this reading, 

So we can follow up your progress!

Describing pictures AFTER the scene?

All you have to do is watch the picture and describe what happened AFTER that moment...

Just like the Mexican comedian who described this picture:

As "A cow eating grass." 

Do you recall that joke?

And when they asked him: Where is the grass? He said: "The cow ate it." 

And then they asked him: And where is the cow? He replied: "The cow is back home."

We are going to watch at these pictures or photos and comment about what happened after the picture was painted? Or after the photography was shot?

Click in here to see the pictures of paintings

Do you like Ed Sheridan?

Yes, he is a great entertainer, and this is one of his best song:

Click on Thinking out loud

Now follow instructions and complete the song:

Okay... Have you finished?

Good! Now we can check the exercise with the lyrics:

Click on Thinking out Loud with Lyrics

Let's see what is happening to our friends at 53 Blackwood Road... Shall we?

It's time to finish the lesson for today...

Bye, bye for now.

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