Fifth Lesson; Daily Routines and Environmental Issues (March 9th & 10th)

What is in this Dragon's mind?
Write a little dialogue with his veterinarian.

Hello over there!!

Regular things, all the things we do commonly during a day time elapse are what we call: "Daily Routines"

Let's check our Daily Routines verbs Flash-Cards


What do you usually do during the week?

What do you always do at weekends?

What do you never do during the workweek and you do at weekends?

What is workweek, you asked?

What is the difference between workweek and weekend?

Take a look over here: 

Workweek and Weekend

Let's read about daily routines in a family; read or print this exercise.

Better yet, visit this website Reading: Daily Routine and read and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

The Environment!

Now... Have you ever asked yourself about the environment? All the things that are around us...

What is environment for you?

What does the environment do for you?

How do we take advantage from the environment?

Better yet, What do you do for the environment?

Not sure?

Let's watch this video: 

Environmental Pollution Animated Video

Choose one of the lessons (from the 1st to the 6th short video lesson) and explain it, comment about it below at the comments section.

Later on , watch this other video and let's discuss about it:

 Plastic Planet

Okay, we are going to leave the environment for a while and check what our friends in Oxford are doing... perhaps, getting ready for a great evening out in town: 

Okay, time flies and it is time to say good bye.

Do not forget, we are waiting for your comments down below!!