First Lesson. Introduction: Who am I? Who are you? (February 9th-10th)

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This is our first lesson!!

Usually, when  people meet for the first time, they greet each other, carefully hear their names and introduce ourselves, don't they? 

So, we are going to introduce ourselves so the rest of the classmates, so we get to know us.

First of all, watch Rebecca from teach us how we should introduce ourselves, click on the next link: 

Discuss with the classmates what was different or interesting and is the same customs apply in you country or community.
  Now, let's listen to Rachel, from Rachel's English:

Discuss with the the teacher and classmates what was different or interesting and is the same customs apply in you country or community.

It is easy, isn't it? Now let's go to the next activity. On the page below you are going to describe yourselves. 

Answer to questions like this:
Where do you live?                           What do you like to do? 
What is your favourite sport?         What is your favourite food?
Do you like animals?                         What is your favourite colour? 
Where do you see your self in 10 years time?         Age?         And, so on...

Write all those answers on the Personal Information sheet.

Be careful: Do not write your name nor your surname!!

Did you write all those answers on the Personal Information sheet? Good, now, on the next page, draw yourself. 

Make a self-portrait... Do it in such a manner that your classmate could easily identify you. 

Do n't forget to draw your major characteristics hair, eye-glasses, birth-marks, and so on. 
Be careful: Do not write your name nor your surname!!.

Now, your teacher is going to collect the Personal Information and the Self-portrait sheets and scramble them and give each student a set of the same Personal Information and the Self-portrait but other-student's  sheets... 

Now, making a circle with the students' desk sit facing towards the centre of the classroom. Each student is going to read the other's characteristics and the classmates should recognise the person the reader is describing. 

If at the end of the description the person is still unrecognised, show the self-portrait.

Then the student is recognised and the teacher will place a name-tag on the shirt for everybody to recognise him/her.

And so on... until all the students in the classroom have got a name-tag.

 Now, to end today's lesson, we are going to start watching a series form New Headway, Oxford.

And, that's all for now, bye, bye over there!

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