Sixth Lesson: Æsop's Fables, -ING Descriptions and What are they doing in their free-time? (March 16th & 17th)

This kind Dragon looks very talkative,
you write about what he is telling us?
Try to improvise a speech in the comments section below

Hello over there!!

Do you know what the moral of a story is?

If you are not sure about what a moral of a story is, just look into this definition: 


And, why are we talking about morals and stories?
Because we are going to go hundreds of years back into the great past of the ancient Greece; back to the times of Æsop's fables, the "father of fables".
Take a look at this short but entertained story: 

Aesops fables The Crow and Pitcher

Now, get comfortable on your seat because we are going to watch a fable: 

The Crow and the Fox

Did you enjoyed Æsop's Fables?
Before we do forget, here is a big collection of his works:

Æsop's Fables: 1-8

Describing pictures:

There are moments when we need to talk about things and actions are happening RIGHT NOW.

That is call Present Continuous:

"I am typing right now." 
"you are reading at this moment."

Look at this pictures and describe what they are doing, click in here:

Before we go... What is going to happen in this new chapter at 53 Blackwood Road?  

Click on the link: Headway Close Encounters

Once again, time is upon us...

Just, do not forget to leave your comments down below and see you next week. Bye, bye for now.