Seventh Lesson: How to get around in a Mall and the Princess Farmer (March 23rd & 24th)

What do you think about this Dragon?
What is he up to?

Hello, over there!!

Do you like to go to the malls?

How are you with directions and doing errands?

Let's try with this reading about shopping

Print or read the story from this picture:

Later, do the reading comprehension practise.

Do you have a dream?  Do you ever think of your future?

What to do in the next years?  Where do you see yourself in ten years, or maybe in fifteen years?

What is your dream?

So Kansari does!  She has a very strong and clear dream to develop.

Seat properly and we are going to watch this beautiful and wise story: Princess Farmer.

Pay attention, because, at the end, we are going to discuss the characters and their attitudes. Got it?

Hit the link!!

What is going on 53 Blackwood Road? Let's find out:

Bye, bye... see you in our next class...

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